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Friday Food for Thought

Posted on January 18, 2013 | No Comments

by Linda Herman

So another athlete gets a national platform to admit to what he has been lying about for years. And what are we supposed to think about this “flawed character”? That’s how Lance Armstrong describes himself,as if having this flaw explains everything.

I see it another way.

Mr. Armstrong did get one word right: “character”.  And he is sorely lacking in this area. We don’t hear that word used in the context of morality or moral fiber much these days.  Our culture is loathe to judge others (unless you belong to certain unpopular groups).

Before Lance is let off the hook by forgiving fans, I want to add another label. He is a thief. He robbed others of the opportunity to win and to get the endorsements  that come with victory. He denies that he was a cheat, because, he says, it was a level playing field. So that somehow makes it okay if others were cheating as well?

I don’t use the word “shame” much. But it is appropriate here: Lance, you should be ashamed of yourself.  Are you capable of feeling this?

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