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Friday Food for Thought : A Boomer, a Bird, and a Gas Station

Posted on January 25, 2013 | No Comments

by Linda Herman

So I was driving to my office yesterday morning, with just a few minutes to spare. Far from being in a state of mindfulness, I alternated my attention between watching the traffic on the road and thinking about the clients I’d be meeting with for the day.

Stopping at a light at a major intersection, my eyes drifted to the gas station on the corner. And there they were: a baby boomer with graying hair pumping gas and her regal white cockatoo. No, he wasn’t  flitting about the interior of the car. He was strutting his stuff on the top edge of the window of the open car door.

My mind immediately shifted gears;  I was transfixed by the sight of that bird prancing and bobbing to the rhythm, I fantasized, of the gas flowing from the pump into the owner’s vehicle.

That woman and her bird did me a favor.  Besides making me smile with delight, they brought my attention fully into the moment. I wasn’t a therapist mentally preparing for the day; I wasn’t an impatient driver waiting for the light to change.  I was just “being”. And it felt pretty  good.

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